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Personal Injury

What is personal injury law?

Getting hurt isnt fun, in fact, its pretty darn expensive. And, if getting hurt wasnt your fault to begin with, theres absolutely no reason for you to foot the bills when they arrive. Personal injury law isnt about getting revenge, getting even or making people pay, its about making sure that you get what you deserve if youve been injured, as a result of somebody elses negligence. At Farrow & Pulice we know that personal injury cases can take their toll in terms of time, emotional investment and stress, thats why were committed to winning them for you.

What sorts of cases does this include?

Personal injury cases include anything that affects the wellbeing of your mind, your body or your emotions. Most commonly, personal injury lawyers deal with cases that include traffic accidents, accidents at work, assault claims and product defect accidents. However, personal injury lawyers are also involved in achieving resolution for cases that include medical and dental accidents and even cases of industrial disease. Basically, if youve been injured personally in any way, shape or form, personal injury law is there to ensure that you get what you deserve for your suffering.
How Farrow & Pulice can help you!
At Farrow & Pulice weve been dealing with personal injury law in Sarasota, Florida for over forty years. In that time, weve learned what it takes to win cases. It takes personal attention, fast action and aggressive representation. But, winning cases isnt the only service we provide, well also ensure that you are never kept in the dark regarding your case and that you receive the best customer service possible. Our personal injury attorneys are there to make sure that any queries that you may have, regarding your case, are answered proficiently and promptly.
In your time of need, give us a call. Well setup a free appointment with you and give you an honest appraisal of your case, its merits and an estimate of how long it will take to process.
Our highly skilled personal injury lawyers will guide you through the process of mediation in a manner which is both erudite and easy to understand. Theyll also do everything in their power to win your case. Were so confident in our abilities, we operate on a no win, no fee basis. So, if youve been injured and would like the best possible representation, contact our Personal Injury Lawyers Today!

Farrow & Pulice is a personal injury law firm representing personal injury & accident lawsuits in Port Charlotte, Bradenton, Sarasota, Englewood & Venice FL. Call us today for a free case consultation for slip & fall injuries, wrongful death & physical assaults

How to Give a Deposition in a Personal Injury Case: by Florida Trial Lawyer Matt Powell

How to Give a Deposition in a Personal Injury Case: by Florida Trial Lawyer Matt Powell


A deposition is a statement taken of a party or a witness ,under oath, in front of a court reporter. Any statements made, may be used in court. It is one of the most important tools that lawyers use to gather evidence and information about a case. As a trial lawyer, almost everyone of my clients who is involved in litigation will be required to give a deposition. And in most cases, I will depose the person who we contend is at fault for causing damages or injuries to my client.

Here is some basic information about a deposition. In the deposition, there will be a court reporter whose job is to take down every single word that is said in the deposition. Sometimes the deposition will also be videotaped by a videographer.

My client will be asked a long series of multiple questions by the attorney representing the opposing party. In some cases, there may be more than one attorney, and each will have their turn to ask questions. The testimony will be taken down by the court reporter who will type it up and print it out in a booklet type form.

To help you prepare for your deposition, here are a few things I always tell my clients. Rule number one, tell the truth. This is the most basic rule and should never be taken lightly.

Additionally, here are four steps that are also important to understand. First you should always LISTEN to the question being asked to you very carefully and then Secondly, PAUSE. . . . PAUSE before you answer. The reason you want to pause is, one, you want to make sure that the attorney is through asking the question, two, it gives yourself an opportunity to make sure you understand the question, and three, it gives your attorney an opportunity to make an objection if one should be made. So do not answer the question too quickly and pause before you answer. After following these first two steps, then you can go on and number Three, ANSWER JUST THAT QUESTION. Then number Four: STOP TALKING. Often times, this is the most difficult part of the deposition because people want to explain all sorts of things in their answer, when quite often, an explanation is not requested or needed. If an explanation is needed, typically the attorney will ask for it or, at the end of the deposition, YOUR attorney may ask you to explain something further.
Also, if you do not understand a question, or it seems complex or compound with lots of parts, please ask the attorney to rephrase the question. The reason for this is that when your testimony is typed up into a booklet, the question will be very clear and your answer will be very clear. So if you did not fully understand the question and you guessed, then your answer may not be as accurate as you meant it to be.

Remember, you should take your time and you are not to be rushed. As a witness, you can set the pace of the deposition by listening to the question carefully, pausing, and then answering the question when YOU are ready. Also, you are allowed to take breaks if and when you need them. A deposition is not an endurance test.

Typically most depositions come in three phases. Phase one will be about your life BEFORE the accident or event that caused your injury. You will be asked all types of background questions like, tell me all the places where you worked, where you lived, where you went to school, all about your prior medical history, as well as who are all the doctors that you have seen in the past. If you’ve ever been convicted of a crime, been arrested, been in drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Or have you ever been divorced, used an alias name, filed tax returns for the past five years, or lied on an employment application.

You will certainly be asked you if you have ever made any other claims for personal injury or worker’s compensation. They will ask you to list all other prior injuries or hospitalizations. They may ask if you have ever been a victim of domestic violence, or if you have ever sued or been sued. They will ask you to explain how you selected the doctors that you have seen for this case. They may also ask if you have gone on any vacations or trips since the accident. In this background phase of your deposition, try to answer the questions without much elaboration. Keep it simple and straight forward.

Phase two of the deposition is typically about the FACTS of the accident or the event that caused your injury. In some cases, such as a rear-end motor vehicle crash, the facts of how the accident happened may speak for themselves. You really won’t have much to explain since you were facing forward looking out the windshield and you never saw the car that hit you before the impact. In this situation, your answers will be short and simple. However, in other cases that are more complex and the issue of liability is contested or in dispute, your version of how the accident happened may be critical to protecting your claim.

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Attorney Ben Glass discusses the formula for settling a personal injury case. Is it “twice medical bills” or is it “four times medical bills?”

For more information go to: http://www.BenGlassLaw.com

Attorney Coe Baxter – The Demand Process in Personal Injury Cases


8:30 am — 9:15 am — Demand Letters and Pre-lawsuit settlement by personal injury and accident lawyer Coe Baxter of the Law Firm of Prince, Glover & Hayes in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Coe will give an introduction to and overview of how to draft effective demand letters and working the case up to maximize the recovery. He will provide examples to assist you in your future cases. Coe will also address automobile insurance coverage issues that can impact the value of your case such as policy limits, stacking and UIM coverage, using actual cases for reference.
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Laws Affecting Personal Injury Cases

If you think that there is no way out of your troubles post an injury, you may not be right. In case your injuries were the result of anothers negligence, recklessness, or fault, you have the legal right to claim damage recovery. Getting help from a professional working with a personal injury law firm is necessary.

New York has injury laws that may apply on your case. Here are the details of these rules.

The negligence rule is the most common basis of these cases. Your lawyer has to establish three important premises

There was a breach to the duty of care (negligence) another owed to you
There were damages to you, the victim
There was a causation relation between the negligence and the injuries

The joint and several liability rules of the state come into effect if more than one entity was liable for the injuries. This has two prominent provisions, which are as follows:

1) If one of the entities was more than 50% liable for the injuries, you can sue the entity for all damages (even if other entities were partly liable).
2) If any of the entities is 50%, or lesser than that, liable, you may sue them separately to get recovery for non-economic damages.

Another significant legal directive that may affect your case is the comparative negligence rule. As per the New York variation of this rule, the victim, i.e. the plaintiff, may be able to recover for damages even if he/she was partly at fault for the injuries. However, the amount decreases with the percentage of your fault.

However, application, interpretation and implication of these laws on your case require in-depth knowledge of these legal directives. Handling the task on your own is not a wise idea; without such knowledge, it would be of no use. You need to find a reputed New York personal injury law firm for this reason.

How do you find such a law firm? If you are able to find references from your contacts, it is a good option. However, if this is not a possibility, you need to find another way. You can try your local bar association to locate such a law firm. Looking for such a firm from online resources is also an easy option.

Opt for the one which has been in business for a few years, and which employs qualified and experienced legal practitioners for the task.

New York is a city having number of registered law firms. But very few of those are competent enough to solve any complicated legal issues. If you are looking for a New York based reputed lawyer, please visit 800 New York Lawyer directory to get the required information.

Allek Hall, a legal journalist, offers helpful details for legal issues concerning the personal injury laws. If you are looking for a New York Personal Injury Law Firm, he suggests you to visit http://www.bodnerlaw.com/

More Personal Injury Cases Articles

An Overview On Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury is a legal term that is used to describe an injury to the body, mind, or emotion to an individual, which is in contrast to an injury to personal property of an individual. This is a term that is often used to refer to a specific lawsuit in which there is a breach of civil duty by someone else. The cause of a personal injury lawsuit is due to the plaintiff describing an injury caused by the negligence of another individual.

There are a variety of types of personal injury claims. The most common type of personal injury lawsuit that goes to court is an injury claim due to some type of road traffic accident, accident at work, tripping accidents, assault claims, accidents in the home, product defects, and holiday accidents. Also included under the term personal injury are incidents that occur in the medical or dental fields. This inclusion has lead to an increased number of medical negligence claims over the last few years. Another facet of personal injury are industrial disease cases, which include asbestosis and mesothelioma, as well as others. These too have lead to an increased number of cases and are also responsible for the personal injury lawyer advertisements always seen on television.

Personal injury lawsuits can be especially lucrative for the injured party. If the negligence of another party can be proved, the injured party is often awarded a monetary compensation from the negligent party. This is a type of lawsuit that has come under scrutiny in the United States because the system for determining whether the party is guilty or not has become increasingly complex and controversial. In most cases, the hired attorney works on a contingency basis, meaning the fee paid to the attorney is based on the amount of compensation awarded to the plaintiff at the end of the case. Because of the complexity of these cases, it is often essential to have an attorney represent the plaintiff if the plaintiff intends to win the case. An example of this is a medical malpractice case, which can become very complicated for an individual not well versed in these types of trials.

With personal injury cases there is often a structured settlement desired by the injury victim in order to cover the financial costs of the injury. These structured settlements also provide injury victims with tax benefits and enable proper financial planning for future needs of the individual who was injured so that they can continue their life in a normal fashion.

The caveat with this settlement is often the settlement amount exceeds the costs of the injury and often be an exorbitant amount of money that some may not be able to afford. This type of compensation is paid to the plaintiff due to the changes the accident has affected his or her life. Similar to this is a loss of congenial employment in which the person is compensated if there has been an inability to do work that was previously enjoyed due to the injuries that occurred.

If you need personal advice regarding personal injury law, contact local personal injury lawyers for professional advice or to discuss the potential of taking a case to court and the possbility of receiving a settlement.

FORMER LAW PROFESSOR & FORMER BIG DEFENSE FIRM ATTORNEY Tina Willis Explains What Your Car Accident Case Might Be Worth. Tina is an Orlando car accident attorney and Orlando personal injury attorney who has given a lot of thought to her detailed blog posts with the goal of answering consumer questions about personal injury law with easy to understand explanations.

You can learn more by reading her blog post on the same topic:


Tina is available to handle car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, pedestrian accident, texting while driving accidents, drunk driving accidents, boating accidents, and just about any serious personal injury case, whether caused by an vehicular accident or something else, like slipping and falling in a grocery store, taking a defective drug, or medical malpractice.

Tina is an attorney based in Orlando, Florida, but accepts car accident and other personal injury cases all over Florida & Georgia, including Orlando, but also Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Valdosta, Macon, Atlanta and all points above and below.
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Getting Help For Personal Injury Cases

The law defines personal injury as physical, emotional or mental injury that a person suffers due to a neglectful or willful action of another person or party. For instance, if you buy a ladder with defective steps and sustain an injury from using it, you may then sue the manufacturer of the equipment for personal injury because the product has caused harm. Other cases of personal injury are slip and fall accidents, pet attacks and road accidents.

In Los Angeles, road accidents during certain celebrations like Christmas and New Year seasons make up most of the personal injury cases filed during the winter season. Such cases are usually brought about by drunk drivers, and these show the example of neglectful behavior that result to minor road mishaps, and in some situations even death.

If you or a relative has suffered an injury resulting from an incident, make sure to get the necessary medical attention first. The doctors report can greatly help advance your cause if you will be filing a lawsuit against another party. For other steps, here are some suggestions:

Consult immediately a personal injury lawyer. Los Angeles doesnt have laws of time limitations for filing your injury case but it might be to your advantage if you can consider filing it early. If you sustain injuries that require hospital care, make sure to get the doctors go signal before having an injury lawyer visit you while youre still recovering. You might suffer from an unwanted relapse if you strain yourself too much.

Prepare the necessary reports and documents for your personal injury lawyer. Los Angeles courts require the submission of these papers if you file a suit early so make sure your lawyer has the copies as well. If you cannot deliver the papers because you are still recovering, you can have these sent days ahead via mail. Remember that e-mail is fast but the court may not admit emailed documents as evidence in some cases.

Have a comprehensive meeting with the personal injury lawyer. Los Angeles mandates that all lawyers should have meetings with their clients to discuss the merits or disadvantages of their case; with this in mind, your lawyer should be able to inform you of the cases status. Listen carefully to your lawyer and consider the advice he/she will give you so you can plan an immediate course of action.

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