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Social Security Disability and Fibromyalgia: is there any Hope I can Win?

Social Security disability judges are increasingly reluctant to award benefits to fibromyalgia claimants unless these claims meet a certain profile. My name is Jonathan Ginsberg and I practice Social Security disability law in Atlanta, Georgia.

I first started seeing disability claims based on “multiple myalgias” or “FMS” around 10 years ago. Back then, many disability judges had never heard of this condition and they struggled with how to approach claims where claimants seemed credible and treating doctors offered written support, yet there were no diagnostic tests that confirmed that this widespread pain condition actually existed.

Back then it was common for judges to call psychiatrists as expert witnesses at hearings and they would approve or deny based on a mental health interpretation of fibromyalgia.

Around 6 or 7 years ago, FMS became more mainstream and judges seemed more comfortable concluding that this syndrome was real and that high achieving 40 to 50 year old females would not give up solid careers as professionals or executives to wait 2 years to collect ,000 in disability benefits.

Within the last 2 to 3 years the trend has shifted back to again make it more difficult for a fibro patient to win disability. This is because the FMS diagnosis has been overused, especially by family doctors who have perhaps been too quick to slap a fibromyalgia diagnosis on patients who complain of widespread pain but who have not confirmed their diagnoses with a rheumatologist.

In addition, Social Security judicial supervisors continue to encourage judges to only approve cases where there is strong medical evidentiary support.

You can still win a fibromyalgia disability case but, as I point out in this video, your claim file needs to meet a certain profile. Here is what I am telling my clients:

1. If you have other diagnoses that lend themselves to objective testing, it may be better to base your claim on other conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, depression, inflammatory arthritis, etc.

2. Seek treatment from a rheumatologist who evaluates you using criteria set out by the American College of Rheumatology. It is no longer sufficient to rely on a FMS diagnosis from your family physician.

3. Try to work if you can and remain compliant with medications and treatment protocols. Failed work attempts can be very compelling evidence.

4. Demonstrate your intent to fight the label of disabled by seeking treatment consistently and not resigning yourself to permanent incapacity.

Please let me know if you have questions about how to approach your FMS disability claim.

You can also read more about how I approach these cases on my web site at http://bit.ly/fibroclaims. There you can read more about my strategy and review several case studies of claims I have tried before SSD administrative law judges.

Please also visit my blog at http://www.ssdanswers.com and my podcast at http://www.ssdradio.com

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Social Security disability and Depression

This video sets out proven strategies about how to win your Social Security disability claim if you claim disability due to depression.

Social Security judges recognize that severe depression can prevent you from performing the duties of even a simple, entry-level job. Depression negatively impacts attention and concentration, pace of work, ability to interact with co-workers or the general public, emotional stability, and reliability.

However, you can’t convince a judge to approve your case unless you prepare a thoughful and compelling argument using Social Security’s terminology and law.

Want to learn more about winning depression Social Security disability claims in Georgia Social Security hearing offices?

Visit my YouTube channel here:

How Your Online Profiles can Hurt Your Social Security Disability Case

http://www.atlantasocialsecuritydisabilityattorney.net – Atlanta Social Security disability lawyer Jonathan Ginsberg explains how active and public participation on Facebook, Twitter or as a blogger could convince a Social Security judge that you are not disabled.
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Back Pain and Social Security Disability


Social Security disability judges see more back pain cases than any other type of impairment so how do you stand out?

In this video, attorney Ginsberg reveals the 7 factors that will greatly improve your chances at winning a favorable decision. Ignore these and your case will likely be denied.

Want more information about how to win your Social Security disability claim? Visit Jonathan’s web site at http://www.georgiasocialsecuritydisabilityattorney.com or contact his office at 770-393-4985

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Expedite your Social Security Disability Claim

Social Security Disability is a National Program, its better known as the SSI. All the events that happen in our life are something pre destined. You cannot ensure your future with a pension and savings in the bank, some uncertain events happening all of a sudden could completely jeopardize your plan. Just think of any some sudden impairment that affects your ability to accomplish work, due to disability from any accident. Most people fail to get a comfortable retirement. In these typical and critical situations they try to remain afloat with their past savings, since they have no capacity for work.

Persons, who want get access to the social security benefit program, may be denied at the first time. But there is nothing to be felt disheartened about it, no fees will be deducted from your social security disability claim. To get out of this situation, you can hire a social security disability attorney. Statistics have shown that those who have tried to hire a social security disability lawyer have a much fair chance of winning the case and getting the benefits. They know about the requirements, proofs and the information. This is true for both the seasoned and the experienced one.

To get the actual benefits of the social security system, patience is one of the important things you will have to possess. Most of the person’s fail at their first attempt and they get disheartened to approach the Social security disability program, but with the help of a social security disability attorney he can able to get the benefit, which is being denied to him. After your application for the claim is accepted, you will be called for an interview, regarding your disability, your medical history, financial status and other related backgrounds and in this case the attorney will prove much helpful.

The interview process is a little complicated and various important papers will be required to get the claim of social security disability and the only guidance will be available from the social security disability attorney. After the completion of the eligibility criteria your claim will be examined by the authorities. It will be done by the case workers of the SSA and the State disability determination service commission. Though it is said to take ideally about 3 months but normally about 6 months are taken on an average. After the inspection, you will receive a confirmation and gradually the benefits.

Preston Matthew is a financial consultant who has good information on Social security disability and social security disability attorney . For more information, please visit http://www.consumerlawfirmcenter.com/

How Social Security considers age and eduation in disability decisions
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