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How to Get Experienced Assistance for DUI cases from the Las Vegas DUI attorney

William Skupa is a renowned Las Vegas DUI attorney. He had been practicing in the city of Las Vegas for a couple of years. He provides experienced Las Vegas criminal defense for DUI cases to help clients get minimum punishment for such cases. DUI lawyer in Las Vegas is a serious crime and anyone who has been charged under such cases would have to face severe consequences. The Las Vegas DUI Lawyer helps create a strong criminal defense to assist you in DUI cases.

DUI means driving in a drunken and intoxicated state. And if a person is convicted against such a case, he might have to loose his drivers license. For such kind of cases, legal assistance from experienced lawyers can help you get minimum sentence and sometimes complete dismissals. William Skupa helps you to know about the various legal solutions which would help you to get out of such a case effectively.

DUI in Las Vegas is a notorious act as it might harm both the drunken driver as well as other people in the road. It is a very irresponsible act and calls for harsh punishment. The Las Vegas DUI Lawyer has successfully assisted a number of clients facing DUI cases and knows well about the various aspects of such cases. Other than Injury lawyer in Dallas contact details  Driving under influence case, he also represents a number of other cases such as personal injury cases that includes workplace accidents, wrongful deaths, medical negligence and defective products.

He also offers Las Vegas criminal defense for a number of criminal cases such as murder, assault, rape, battery and harassment. He has over 30 years of experience and is a former Deputy District Attorney of The Clark County Bar Association. He is a member of Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

For further details, contact:

702 291-7266, or visit: http://billskupa.com/

William S. Skupa provides the most accurate information about Criminal Defense, Criminal Attorney, Domestic Violence and DUI Las Vegas.

SMU Dedman School of Law
Professor Beth Thornburg
Introduction to Law School case briefing
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Boston Legal Season 1 Episode 1 – Head Cases

Senior partner Edwin Poole has a nervous breakdown in front of everybody. Denny Crane has now to face the loss of a friend in the office. Meanwhile, Alan Shore finds a new enemy in Brad Chase, who is not only the ex of Sally, but also makes him work on a case of a little girl, who wants to play “Annie” in a musical production. Lori is taking care of Ernie Dell, who wants his marriage to be annulled, because he thinks his wife cheats on him. Sally and Brad work on a case concerning a divorced couple and their kids.
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Professor Earl Maltz tells you how to brief a case.
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Car Accident Cases In New York – Part 1: Personally Injury Generally

Generally, if you are injured by the negligent conduct of another person or entity (such as a corporation), you have the right to sue that person or entity to recover your losses commonly referred as your damages. Of course, you will have to be able to prove that the other person or entity owed you a duty of care; that they were negligent in exercising their duty of care; and that as a result, you suffered damages. An injured party incurs two types of losses; economic losses and non-economic losses.
Economic losses include, but are not limited to, medical expenses, transportation and damaged or destroyed property. Non-economic losses are pain and suffering. Determining economic losses is fairly straight forward. Economic losses are determined by calculating the total expenses. In other words, the total sum of the injured party’s medical bills less any insurance payments, lost wages less any income such as unemployment or disability payments and any other non-economic losses.
Non-economic losses means pain and suffering and similar non-monetary damages. While there are set rules or guidelines assigning specific monetary damages for specific types of injuries, damages for pain and suffering must be reasonably related to the extent of the pain and suffering. The amount of damages (money) recovered by an injured party will be determined either by settlement between the parties or, if a settlement cannot be agreed upon, by a jury.
However, in New York State, personal injury cases arising from motor vehicle accidents is governed by the Motor Vehicle Reparations Act commonly referred to as the “No Fault Law.” The No Fault Law actually makes recovery for economic damages (medical expense, lost wages, etc.) much easier because an injured party may recover up to ,000.00 for economic damages regardless of fault. However, the No-Fault Law actually makes it more difficult for an injured party to recover for pain and suffering by limiting recovery for pain and suffering to those injured parties who have suffered what is referred to as a serious injury. In other words, if you are injured in a car accident and suffer injuries, even significant injuries, you may seek damages (monetary compensation) for those injuries unless they meet the serious injury threshold.
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Car Accident Claims - Frequently Asked Questions - Virginia Personal Injury Cases BGL119

http://www.benglasslaw.com Virginia personal injury attorney Ben Glass answers the most frequently asked questions about car accident cases. Should I talk to the adjuster; should I sign the forms, who will pay the bills
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How Long Do Workers’ Compensation Cases Take?

http://www.turleylawfirm.com/ After suffering a work-related injury, you are likely dealing with your physical injuries while you are seeing your medical bills pile up. Because you are worried about the financial costs your injury is causing you, you are probably wondering how long your legal case will take to win. Some cases can take a very long time depending on the specifics of the case and the seriousness of the injury. For example, in workers’ compensation cases, one of the determining factors for how fast or slow a case moves is based on how quickly your medical condition progresses. The length of a case will vary from person to person, depending upon the specific injuries involved. Some cases won’t take as long, especially if there is significantly less to prove. To talk about the specifics of your case and to get a better idea of how long your case with take to settle, you should speak with the Turley Law Firm. Call our San Diego law office for a free consultation with a skilled work injury attorney at 866-705-4617 or reach us online at http://www.turleylawfirm.com/contact.cfm .
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Settle my Workers Compensation Case

Click here: http://www.georgia-workers-compensation.com

Settle my Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claim

This video will explain my best advice for maximizing the dollar value of your Georgia workers’ compensation settlement.

We can enhance the settlement value of your case starting on Day #1 by asserting your rights and pressing the insurance company to fulfill its obligations to you.

The more you know about how insurance companies value claims, the higher your settlement will be. I’ll discuss my approach in this short video.

Want to know more about Georgia workers’ compensation claims?

Visit my YouTube channel here:
http://www.youtube.com/user/jodiginsberg1 and don’t forget to +1 this video
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Attorney Coe Baxter – The Demand Process in Personal Injury Cases


8:30 am — 9:15 am — Demand Letters and Pre-lawsuit settlement by personal injury and accident lawyer Coe Baxter of the Law Firm of Prince, Glover & Hayes in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Coe will give an introduction to and overview of how to draft effective demand letters and working the case up to maximize the recovery. He will provide examples to assist you in your future cases. Coe will also address automobile insurance coverage issues that can impact the value of your case such as policy limits, stacking and UIM coverage, using actual cases for reference.
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Why Causal Relationships Are Tricky in Workers’ Compensation Cases

Causal relationships can be tricky. There needs to be an in-depth investigation into any possible intervening events severing the causal link between the initial injury and the subsequent injury. If the employee can prove the second event would not have occurred except for the original event (accident), the medical cost and associated indemnity disability cost is owed by the workers’ comp insurer.

A Hernia from a Spinal Cord Stimulator – Really?

Have you ever read a court decision on a workers’ compensation case and had the reaction . . . “WHAT?” 

Here is a court decision definitely creating a “WHAT?” reaction in most people.  A press release explained how the Wyoming Supreme Court overturned a lower court decision denying medical benefits to a man who claimed a spinal cord stimulator caused a hernia. (WcxKitz)

In 1993 Edward T. Pitkin* slipped while walking into a walk-in refrigerator to get some milk.  Mr. Pitkin claimed injury to shoulder, neck, back and right leg.  He was awarded permanent total disability.  “WHAT?”  Yes – Permanent total disability for a foot slipping.  The court description of the accident does not indicate Mr. Pitkin fell when he slipped.

Wyoming is a monopolistic state for workers’ compensation.  You have to wonder if the state employee/workers’ comp adjuster was asleep at the wheel on this one.  The location of the accident, the walk-in refrigerator, makes it most likely an unwitnessed event.  There is no mention in the press release if Mr. Pitkin’s accident was witnessed or if any investigation was done to confirm how Mr. Pitkin’s foot slipping would have injured his shoulder, neck or back. A strain to the right leg is possible. 

QUESTION: As Mr. Pitkin had a spinal cord stimulator implanted in 2000, he definitely had an injury but, did the injury happen on the job?  Anyway, the claim was accepted.

In 2006 the original spinal cord stimulator failed and a new one was implanted.  In 2007, Mr. Pitkin states he was at home lying in bed when the second spinal cord stimulator caused him to experience a sensation causing him to stand up “real fast” then he fell down, causing a pain in the groin.  [Another unwitnessed event?].  Pitkin went to a Dr. Ted Styles* who ordered a CT scan that confirmed an inguinal hernia. 

Dr. Styles stated “I would consider this a work-related problem based off the origin of the fall.” “WHAT?”  Inguinal hernias are normally caused (according to the medical book) by a

1). defect at birth;

2). prolonged wear and tear from lifting, straining or coughing;

3). age related weakness of the abdominal wall;

4). history of previous surgery in the area. 

Risk factors increasing the chances of the hernia developing include advancing age, straining to urinate or pass stools, severe or prolonged coughing and obesity.

Mr. Pitkin’s description of how the hernia occurred does not fit the medical literature.  In rare cases a hernia can be caused by falling hard on a blunt object, but there is nothing in the press release stating Pitkin fell on any blunt object. 

While Pitkin claimed the spinal cord stimulator malfunctioned, there is no mention in the press release stating it was ever confirmed the stimulator malfunctioned.  If the spinal cord stimulator malfunctioned as claimed, there is no mention of Pitkin bringing a products liability claim against the spinal cord manufacturer. 

WHAT?”  You have to wonder why no products liability suit was brought if the spinal cord stimulator did malfunction. 

Wyoming’s Division of Workers’ Safety and Compensation denied payment for the hernia treatment on the basis it was not related to the original 1993 injury.  There is no mention in the press release whether or not the state employee/workers’ comp adjuster had an independent medical examination done to refute the doctor’s statement.  Also, there is no mention in the press release whether or not the Division of Workers’ Safety and Compensation did any investigation to determine if Pitkin was working somewhere else when the hernia occurred. 

WHAT?” You have to wonder why there was no investigation into other causes for the hernia.

Mr. Pitkin disputed the Division of Workers’ Safety and Compensation determination.  The matter was referred for a contested hearing.  At the hearing Pitkin contended he was entitled to medical benefits for the cost of the hernia treatment claiming the hernia in 2007 was causally related to the 1993 injury.  The hearing examiner ruled in Pitkin’s favor stating the hernia was caused by a fall, the fall was caused by the spinal cord stimulator, the spinal cord stimulator was implanted to treat Pitkin’s chronic back pain.


The adverse finding for the Division resulted in their appealing the matter to the District Court.  The District Court found the examiner was correct in its finding of fact, but ruled against Pitkin stating a hernia is a compensable injury only when it is the original injury.  The District Court considered the hernia a second compensable injury which was barred.  Pitkin appealed the District Court decision to the Wyoming Supreme Court. 

The Supreme Court reviewed the workers’ comp claim on whether the hernia occurred “in the course of employment” per the Wyoming workers’ comp statutes.  The Supreme Court ruled the position of Pitkin was in keeping with the language and context of the statute and with the legislative intent.  Pitkin therefore received the medical benefits for the hernia.


Almost all states treat injuries resulting from the original workers’ comp injury as part of the original injury.  Visit:  LowerWC.com Legal Library for your state’s law on workers’ compensation issues.

For example:  The employee had a verified work-related fall causing a leg fracture.  A week later the employee is on new crutches on his way to the doctor’s office for his leg fracture, when he loses his balance. He falls and breaks his arm.  The broken arm is causally related to the fractured leg. In most jurisdictions this is referred to as a “compensable consequence of the injury.” (WcxKitz)

In a similar vein, in a very recent New York case, a Cornell University employee, William Smith*, had a compensable work-related back injury in 2001.  Smith suffered depression brought on by the chronic pain related to the back injury. In 2007 Smith committed suicide.  The New York State Appellate Court found “sufficient causal relationship” between the suicide, the depression, the chronic pain and the original workers’ comp injury.  The court has ruled Mrs. Smith is now entitled to death benefits under the New York workers’ comp law.

Fully documenting each and every workplace injury is essential at the time the injury occurs.  And, it’s not a bad idea to be aware of the employee’s current medical conditions – either to prevent causal relationships from a new injury or to be sure the employee is not assigned work task beyond his/her capability.

Visit LowerWC.com a premier Workers’ Comp Cost Reduction Resource Center for Employers.

Author Robert Elliott, executive vice president, Amaxx Risks Solutions, Inc. has worked successfully for 20 years with many industries to reduce Workers’ Compensation costs, including airlines, health care, manufacturing, printing/publishing, pharmaceuticals, retail, hospitality and manufacturing. He can be contacted at: Info@ReduceYourWorkersComp.com or 860-553-6604.

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Laws Affecting Personal Injury Cases

If you think that there is no way out of your troubles post an injury, you may not be right. In case your injuries were the result of anothers negligence, recklessness, or fault, you have the legal right to claim damage recovery. Getting help from a professional working with a personal injury law firm is necessary.

New York has injury laws that may apply on your case. Here are the details of these rules.

The negligence rule is the most common basis of these cases. Your lawyer has to establish three important premises

There was a breach to the duty of care (negligence) another owed to you
There were damages to you, the victim
There was a causation relation between the negligence and the injuries

The joint and several liability rules of the state come into effect if more than one entity was liable for the injuries. This has two prominent provisions, which are as follows:

1) If one of the entities was more than 50% liable for the injuries, you can sue the entity for all damages (even if other entities were partly liable).
2) If any of the entities is 50%, or lesser than that, liable, you may sue them separately to get recovery for non-economic damages.

Another significant legal directive that may affect your case is the comparative negligence rule. As per the New York variation of this rule, the victim, i.e. the plaintiff, may be able to recover for damages even if he/she was partly at fault for the injuries. However, the amount decreases with the percentage of your fault.

However, application, interpretation and implication of these laws on your case require in-depth knowledge of these legal directives. Handling the task on your own is not a wise idea; without such knowledge, it would be of no use. You need to find a reputed New York personal injury law firm for this reason.

How do you find such a law firm? If you are able to find references from your contacts, it is a good option. However, if this is not a possibility, you need to find another way. You can try your local bar association to locate such a law firm. Looking for such a firm from online resources is also an easy option.

Opt for the one which has been in business for a few years, and which employs qualified and experienced legal practitioners for the task.

New York is a city having number of registered law firms. But very few of those are competent enough to solve any complicated legal issues. If you are looking for a New York based reputed lawyer, please visit 800 New York Lawyer directory to get the required information.

Allek Hall, a legal journalist, offers helpful details for legal issues concerning the personal injury laws. If you are looking for a New York Personal Injury Law Firm, he suggests you to visit http://www.bodnerlaw.com/

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Interesting Court Cases


Trying cases can be challenging for lawyers, judges and clients. Here are several cases you may find interesting…

If you have a question about your catastrophic California personal injury or wrongful death case, give us a call. We’ve been helping victims since 1986 and chances are, we can help you too.

Also feel free to visit our information packed web site (videos, ebooks, reports, audios, blog posts and more) at http://jacksonandwilson.com

For immediate answers and help, simply pick up the phone and call using our toll free number 800-661-7044 or email us at help@jacksonwilson.com

Standing by to help,

Mitch Jackson and Lisa Wilson
Jackson and Wilson, Inc. (Since 1986)
Southern and Northern California
Orange County Office
23161 Mill Creek Drive, Suite 150
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Toll Free No. 800.661.7044
Local No. 949.855.8751
Email: help@jacksonwilson.com
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Dean JoAnne A. Epps looks at the difference between everyday reading and reading for law school and offers advice on how to read through a case.

An Overview On Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury is a legal term that is used to describe an injury to the body, mind, or emotion to an individual, which is in contrast to an injury to personal property of an individual. This is a term that is often used to refer to a specific lawsuit in which there is a breach of civil duty by someone else. The cause of a personal injury lawsuit is due to the plaintiff describing an injury caused by the negligence of another individual.

There are a variety of types of personal injury claims. The most common type of personal injury lawsuit that goes to court is an injury claim due to some type of road traffic accident, accident at work, tripping accidents, assault claims, accidents in the home, product defects, and holiday accidents. Also included under the term personal injury are incidents that occur in the medical or dental fields. This inclusion has lead to an increased number of medical negligence claims over the last few years. Another facet of personal injury are industrial disease cases, which include asbestosis and mesothelioma, as well as others. These too have lead to an increased number of cases and are also responsible for the personal injury lawyer advertisements always seen on television.

Personal injury lawsuits can be especially lucrative for the injured party. If the negligence of another party can be proved, the injured party is often awarded a monetary compensation from the negligent party. This is a type of lawsuit that has come under scrutiny in the United States because the system for determining whether the party is guilty or not has become increasingly complex and controversial. In most cases, the hired attorney works on a contingency basis, meaning the fee paid to the attorney is based on the amount of compensation awarded to the plaintiff at the end of the case. Because of the complexity of these cases, it is often essential to have an attorney represent the plaintiff if the plaintiff intends to win the case. An example of this is a medical malpractice case, which can become very complicated for an individual not well versed in these types of trials.

With personal injury cases there is often a structured settlement desired by the injury victim in order to cover the financial costs of the injury. These structured settlements also provide injury victims with tax benefits and enable proper financial planning for future needs of the individual who was injured so that they can continue their life in a normal fashion.

The caveat with this settlement is often the settlement amount exceeds the costs of the injury and often be an exorbitant amount of money that some may not be able to afford. This type of compensation is paid to the plaintiff due to the changes the accident has affected his or her life. Similar to this is a loss of congenial employment in which the person is compensated if there has been an inability to do work that was previously enjoyed due to the injuries that occurred.

If you need personal advice regarding personal injury law, contact local personal injury lawyers for professional advice or to discuss the potential of taking a case to court and the possbility of receiving a settlement.

FORMER LAW PROFESSOR & FORMER BIG DEFENSE FIRM ATTORNEY Tina Willis Explains What Your Car Accident Case Might Be Worth. Tina is an Orlando car accident attorney and Orlando personal injury attorney who has given a lot of thought to her detailed blog posts with the goal of answering consumer questions about personal injury law with easy to understand explanations.

You can learn more by reading her blog post on the same topic:


Tina is available to handle car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, pedestrian accident, texting while driving accidents, drunk driving accidents, boating accidents, and just about any serious personal injury case, whether caused by an vehicular accident or something else, like slipping and falling in a grocery store, taking a defective drug, or medical malpractice.

Tina is an attorney based in Orlando, Florida, but accepts car accident and other personal injury cases all over Florida & Georgia, including Orlando, but also Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Valdosta, Macon, Atlanta and all points above and below.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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File Legal Cases against Fraud Cases and Get Reward for your Bold Action

It is often seen that the funds provided by the government for the social development activities often get lost due to frauds. And, the defaulters often escape from the issue unless strict actions are taken against them. If you are a responsible citizen of your country and want to help your society get rid of frauds and fraudulent cases, then you can step forward towards the act of whistle blowing. Being a whistle blower, you will not free your society from the clutch of frauds but will also get reward by the government for your bold action.

Whistle blowing is an act of filing action against unlawful activities occurring within a government department, public or private companies. It is a process wherein a person can inform about the misconduct to the public or authority in concern and can file legal actions against the fraudulent cases. According to False Claim Act, a person blowing whistle against frauds is rewarded with about 15-25 percent of the recovered funds. Now, the alleged misconduct may include violation of rule which directly affects public interest, pharmaceutical frauds and corruptions.

Moreover, misconduct under False Claim Act (FCA) also includes fraudulent billing. It is often seen that many contractors overcharge for products and services supplied in the government organizations. They make bills for those services which have not at all been provided to the people connected with the organizations. In such a case, you can expose the frauds and help the government to use their funds in an efficient manner.

But, the legal procedure may turn out to be challenging if a whistle blower fail to get proper support by experienced attorneys. Most fraudulent cases are seen to be committed by powerful persons within the society and as such, blowing whistle against them might create issues related to personal security.  In order to get your cases solved in a successful manner, make sure that you choose experienced whistleblower attorneys from reputed legal firms in your city. Consider choosing those lawyers who are well-versed with whistleblower protection act.

In order to help whistleblowers, some award-winning attorneys operate websites updated with contact details. If you really want to get awarded for your bold step as well as save your society for illegal activities, then spare out some time to find best false claims act lawyers who have up-to-date knowledge about fraudulent cases prevailing in the society and are prepared to work with you throughout the entire legal proceeding.

So, get ready to take the bold step with the help of experienced lawyers and get set to file actions against illegal activities occurring around you.

To learn more about Medicare Fraud and Abuse please visit Pharmaceutical Fraud Cases.

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