Legal Questions : What Is a Corporate Lawyer?

A corporate lawyer is simply someone who specializes in corporate laws, and lawyers who work for small corporations may draft wills and be a part of divorce proceedings. Find out how corporate lawyers are involved in all areas of law with help from a certified family mediator in this free video on corporate lawyers.

Expert: Robert Todd
Bio: Robert Todd is the managing partner and president of Robert M. Todd, P.A. and Family Law Solutions.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 thoughts on “Legal Questions : What Is a Corporate Lawyer?”

  1. A corporate lawyer is a great way to avoid legal issues with your business!
    Having a business lawyers on retainer could save you a lot of time and

  2. Robert Todd looks just like James Brolin… He does a fairly good job
    explaining the difference between corporate attorneys and trial lawyers.
    Trial lawyers litigate much more often than corporation attorneys. With
    smaller corporations these attorneys may even get involved with family law
    and divorce proceedings at a low level. Pretty explicative video…thanks

  3. Okay so this is what I’m planning to do, I just graduated from high school
    any advice?

  4. @crumbpath same here, i got a sony vaio. just plug in your headphones if
    you are really interested in this video. btw, this video is seriously

  5. There are many people who think that corporate lawyers only handle cases
    for big corporations. As was explained in this video, corporate lawyers may
    handle wills, divorces, etc. for a company’s employees. The field truly is
    wide open so far as the legal areas that are included.

  6. @TexasChic4 But I had better walk my talk: 1. Availability of lifesaving,
    generic drug: widely available in countries with less litigious corporate
    climates. 2. Campaign Contributions: specifically, Citizens United case,
    tried by the supreme court (arguable the newest extension of corporate law
    if you follow the money) which gives corps. the right of citizens in
    regards to campaign contributions), massive blow to individual rights. 3.
    Haven’t seen yet but, Google “The Corporation”

  7. @crumbpath maybe you should have bought a good computer and not a MacBook
    Pro. The video is actually too loud on my PC.

  8. @NSpytimber your comment just made my week. I was thinking the exact same
    thing and couldnt stop laughing after i saw your post.

  9. @TexasChic4 Truth be told. My first post WAS lame. And you should’ve have
    called me out on it (a little bit of drunken posting there). It’s kind of
    sad that nobody did it sooner.

  10. Would you want a guy to represent you who is practicing something like
    “companies law” ? (LOL)

  11. @TexasChic4 Hello. Give specifics. Why not give an example of a society in
    which there are no corporate lawyers and in which the people “eat…words”.
    Please do. I can give you countless, specific examples of how US
    corporations, through litigation, have weakened the rights of the
    individual. But to address your assertion that we would be worse off
    without them, I agree: we need lawyers with this skillset TO FIGHT the
    corps., otherwise we’ll all be eating, bland, expensive, food.

  12. a corporate lawyer is akin to a slave. they are subservient to their
    masters all in the name of some relatively menial profit for themselves and
    those close to them. if one believes in the idea of morality, they are
    evil. If not, they are just people who contribute to the world not being
    the best place that it can be. this is just my opinion. I’m sure that all
    of the corporate lawyer out there would be able to come up with some solid
    arguments to disprove me…lol

  13. Many corporations set aside a certain percentage to retain corporate
    lawyers for drafting patents, corporation documents, or if someone brings a
    lawsuit against them. There are many other reasons too.

  14. @mrnick410 Doesn’t take a lawyer to disprove your incredibly naive and
    completely baseless accusations. Just because the words “Corporate” and
    “Lawyer” have been fed to you as “bad” words, doesn’t make the people that
    fill these jobs bad people. Try living in a society without these people,
    you’d be eating your words in less than a week.

  15. I am a college student studying computer information systems but I am also
    interested in being a corporate lawyer. I was wondering would it be a wise
    choice to go to law school after getting a degree in CIS?

  16. Many are not familiar with the different types of lawyers. It is best to
    hire a legal representative that specializes specifically for your case.

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