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Lawyer Video Marketing for Attorneys by Law Firm Video Solutions

Lawyer Video Marketing and Attorney Videos by Law Firm Video Solutions.

Law Firm Video Solutions offers an unparalleled approach to lawyer video marketing – we empower attorneys to create video content on topics and issues that will inform and educate their prospective clients.

Meet Tom. Tom is a personal injury attorney. He spent thousands of dollars hiring a video production company to shoot a “me focused” style lawyer video. In his video he talks about how experienced he is and how much he cares about his clients. The problem? Tom is frustrated because his “I centered” video isn’t making his phone ring. Wrong strategy! Meet Lisa. Lisa is an immigration lawyer. She spent top dollar hiring a web design company to get a brand new website. The problem? Lisa’s law firm website doesn’t appear on Google search results. Now Lisa has to spend a truck load of money hiring a search engine optimization company with no guarantees that she will get any results. Bad investment! Does Tom and Lisa story sound familiar? Meet Rob. Rob is an attorney who generates high quality client leads on the internet with video. How does Rob do it? Introducing video marketing services for law firms by law firm video solutions. Rob gets his video marketing campaign strategically planned based on the types of legal cases he wants to generate. Prior to his video shoot, Rob learns hot legal topics consumers are searching for on the internet. This allows him to deliver relevant content that compels his potential clients to take action. During the video shoot, Rob provides valuable information to his clients by answering their most common and pressing legal questions. This inspires confidence and builds trust. After his video shoot, Rob sits back while his videos are professionally edited and packaged for distribution with his law firm brand. Rob gets his legal marketing videos properly optimized for search engine results and syndicated through relevant high page ranking websites. This allows Rob’s videos to be in front of the right buyers. Rob also embeds his videos on his webpages to enhance user experience and connection. Utilizing strategically planned video content, Law Firm Video Solutions empowers Rob to generate high quality client leads on the internet. Web videos give Rob the best return on investment on his marketing dollars. As opposed to traditional advertising, his videos will work for him generating new client leads for his business on an ongoing basis. Go to to learn more how we can help law firms and attorneys like you to generate more client leads on the web. Law Firm Video Solutions. Transform your legal content marketing with video.
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Future of Law Firms – lawyers, barristers, solicitors, attorneys – conference keynote speaker Future of legal firms. The practice of law is changing very rapidly, mainly due to a combination of technology and globalization. Traditional Law Firms and Law Schools are being left behind rapidly.

Lawyers have enjoyed being part of a relatively protected and exclusive community, with few price pressures, little transparency over cost structures, billing by the hour, rather than offering fixed price deals, and a mystique that until now has meant they faced few challenges from their clients in the way they worked.

The future will be far less comfortable. Successful Law Firms will require far stronger customer focus: under promising and over delivering, exceeding expectations every time. It means deep insight into what it actually feels like to be a customer, with an intuitive understanding of what really matters. Key Legal Professional trends: deregulation of law firms allowing mergers with non-legal organisations, outsourcing of less specialist legal teams, commoditisation of legal services, virtual law firms. Presentation by keynote conference speaker Patrick Dixon, given at LawTech Media conference in October 2012 to Senior Partners of law firms based in the UK.
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Defense Attorneys

There are different types of defense lawyers and individuals may find themselves different situations that they need the legal services of these lawyers. Domestic violence is on the rise, as well as, the many DWI cases in Monmouth County, and many individuals find themselves seeking out legal representation when they find themselves in a situation where they need a defense attorney.

First, a Monmouth County Criminal Defense Attorney defends clients that have been charged with various offenses, including a DWI offense. This is one of the most serious offenses that a driver can receive while behind the wheel of their automobile or truck, and one that should not be taken lightly by any driver. A DWI conviction is on your record for many years, and there is a great deal of negative consequences that come along with a DWI. This is the reason for a Monmouth County DWI Defense Attorney. The attorney will aggressively fight to have your case dismissed or the severity of the charge reduced. The attorneys have the experience in alcohol and drug related law and know how to prepare and present your case so that you do receive a fair verdict. It is seldom that a lawyer takes a case they cannot win, and clients of Monmouth County DWI Defense Attorneys have the best possible chance for an outcome that is positive.

Other situations that individuals, and all too many individuals today find themselves in, is domestic violence. A domestic violence charge can mean very harsh punishment and a Freehold NJ Domestic Assault Lawyer is essential to ensure that you have the experience that is needed to defend your case in court. Family violence is very serious, and the law takes it as a very serious crime, and can be a felony. You can face imprisonment and fines and a Freehold NJ Domestic Assault Lawyer is crucial as you seek to have your case dismissed or the severity of the crime, reduced. It is essential that you have a lawyer that has the experience to fight your case and represent you. Battery, assault with a deadly weapon and other domestic violence offenses are offenses that the Freehold NJ Domestic Assault Lawyer is experienced and knowledgeable in. Knowing the law means that you have the advantage and that you will receive a fair verdict.

Experience is critical and it is essential that you seek a Freehold NJ Domestic Assault Lawyer with experience as soon as possible, as every minute in your case matters. Your assault lawyer will be your advocate, your friend and your legal representation to ensure that what could cause a tremendous impact on your life has the smallest degree impact.

When you find yourself in a situation where you have broken the law, whether at fault, or not, it is essential to get the legal representation you need. Remember, the law is designed to protect you, and your defense lawyer will know every angle of the law to help to ensure your protection by presenting the best case possible on your behalf.


Monmouth County Criminal Defense Attorney and DWI Attorney Red Bank NJ are experience attorneys that represent clients in and out of the courtroom.

Nothing is more frightening than finding yourself without proper legal representation in your darkest hour.

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