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How to Get Experienced Assistance for DUI cases from the Las Vegas DUI attorney

William Skupa is a renowned Las Vegas DUI attorney. He had been practicing in the city of Las Vegas for a couple of years. He provides experienced Las Vegas criminal defense for DUI cases to help clients get minimum punishment for such cases. DUI lawyer in Las Vegas is a serious crime and anyone who has been charged under such cases would have to face severe consequences. The Las Vegas DUI Lawyer helps create a strong criminal defense to assist you in DUI cases.

DUI means driving in a drunken and intoxicated state. And if a person is convicted against such a case, he might have to loose his drivers license. For such kind of cases, legal assistance from experienced lawyers can help you get minimum sentence and sometimes complete dismissals. William Skupa helps you to know about the various legal solutions which would help you to get out of such a case effectively.

DUI in Las Vegas is a notorious act as it might harm both the drunken driver as well as other people in the road. It is a very irresponsible act and calls for harsh punishment. The Las Vegas DUI Lawyer has successfully assisted a number of clients facing DUI cases and knows well about the various aspects of such cases. Other than Injury lawyer in Dallas contact details  Driving under influence case, he also represents a number of other cases such as personal injury cases that includes workplace accidents, wrongful deaths, medical negligence and defective products.

He also offers Las Vegas criminal defense for a number of criminal cases such as murder, assault, rape, battery and harassment. He has over 30 years of experience and is a former Deputy District Attorney of The Clark County Bar Association. He is a member of Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

For further details, contact:

702 291-7266, or visit: http://billskupa.com/

William S. Skupa provides the most accurate information about Criminal Defense, Criminal Attorney, Domestic Violence and DUI Las Vegas.

SMU Dedman School of Law
Professor Beth Thornburg
Introduction to Law School case briefing
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Social Security Disability and Fibromyalgia: is there any Hope I can Win?

Social Security disability judges are increasingly reluctant to award benefits to fibromyalgia claimants unless these claims meet a certain profile. My name is Jonathan Ginsberg and I practice Social Security disability law in Atlanta, Georgia.

I first started seeing disability claims based on “multiple myalgias” or “FMS” around 10 years ago. Back then, many disability judges had never heard of this condition and they struggled with how to approach claims where claimants seemed credible and treating doctors offered written support, yet there were no diagnostic tests that confirmed that this widespread pain condition actually existed.

Back then it was common for judges to call psychiatrists as expert witnesses at hearings and they would approve or deny based on a mental health interpretation of fibromyalgia.

Around 6 or 7 years ago, FMS became more mainstream and judges seemed more comfortable concluding that this syndrome was real and that high achieving 40 to 50 year old females would not give up solid careers as professionals or executives to wait 2 years to collect ,000 in disability benefits.

Within the last 2 to 3 years the trend has shifted back to again make it more difficult for a fibro patient to win disability. This is because the FMS diagnosis has been overused, especially by family doctors who have perhaps been too quick to slap a fibromyalgia diagnosis on patients who complain of widespread pain but who have not confirmed their diagnoses with a rheumatologist.

In addition, Social Security judicial supervisors continue to encourage judges to only approve cases where there is strong medical evidentiary support.

You can still win a fibromyalgia disability case but, as I point out in this video, your claim file needs to meet a certain profile. Here is what I am telling my clients:

1. If you have other diagnoses that lend themselves to objective testing, it may be better to base your claim on other conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, depression, inflammatory arthritis, etc.

2. Seek treatment from a rheumatologist who evaluates you using criteria set out by the American College of Rheumatology. It is no longer sufficient to rely on a FMS diagnosis from your family physician.

3. Try to work if you can and remain compliant with medications and treatment protocols. Failed work attempts can be very compelling evidence.

4. Demonstrate your intent to fight the label of disabled by seeking treatment consistently and not resigning yourself to permanent incapacity.

Please let me know if you have questions about how to approach your FMS disability claim.

You can also read more about how I approach these cases on my web site at http://bit.ly/fibroclaims. There you can read more about my strategy and review several case studies of claims I have tried before SSD administrative law judges.

Please also visit my blog at http://www.ssdanswers.com and my podcast at http://www.ssdradio.com

Jonathan Ginsberg
Social Security Disability law
Ginsberg Law Offices
Atlanta, Georgia


Social Security disability and Depression

This video sets out proven strategies about how to win your Social Security disability claim if you claim disability due to depression.

Social Security judges recognize that severe depression can prevent you from performing the duties of even a simple, entry-level job. Depression negatively impacts attention and concentration, pace of work, ability to interact with co-workers or the general public, emotional stability, and reliability.

However, you can’t convince a judge to approve your case unless you prepare a thoughful and compelling argument using Social Security’s terminology and law.

Want to learn more about winning depression Social Security disability claims in Georgia Social Security hearing offices?

Visit my YouTube channel here:

Personal Injury

What is personal injury law?

Getting hurt isnt fun, in fact, its pretty darn expensive. And, if getting hurt wasnt your fault to begin with, theres absolutely no reason for you to foot the bills when they arrive. Personal injury law isnt about getting revenge, getting even or making people pay, its about making sure that you get what you deserve if youve been injured, as a result of somebody elses negligence. At Farrow & Pulice we know that personal injury cases can take their toll in terms of time, emotional investment and stress, thats why were committed to winning them for you.

What sorts of cases does this include?

Personal injury cases include anything that affects the wellbeing of your mind, your body or your emotions. Most commonly, personal injury lawyers deal with cases that include traffic accidents, accidents at work, assault claims and product defect accidents. However, personal injury lawyers are also involved in achieving resolution for cases that include medical and dental accidents and even cases of industrial disease. Basically, if youve been injured personally in any way, shape or form, personal injury law is there to ensure that you get what you deserve for your suffering.
How Farrow & Pulice can help you!
At Farrow & Pulice weve been dealing with personal injury law in Sarasota, Florida for over forty years. In that time, weve learned what it takes to win cases. It takes personal attention, fast action and aggressive representation. But, winning cases isnt the only service we provide, well also ensure that you are never kept in the dark regarding your case and that you receive the best customer service possible. Our personal injury attorneys are there to make sure that any queries that you may have, regarding your case, are answered proficiently and promptly.
In your time of need, give us a call. Well setup a free appointment with you and give you an honest appraisal of your case, its merits and an estimate of how long it will take to process.
Our highly skilled personal injury lawyers will guide you through the process of mediation in a manner which is both erudite and easy to understand. Theyll also do everything in their power to win your case. Were so confident in our abilities, we operate on a no win, no fee basis. So, if youve been injured and would like the best possible representation, contact our Personal Injury Lawyers Today!

Farrow & Pulice is a personal injury law firm representing personal injury & accident lawsuits in Port Charlotte, Bradenton, Sarasota, Englewood & Venice FL. Call us today for a free case consultation for slip & fall injuries, wrongful death & physical assaults

Boston Legal Season 1 Episode 1 – Head Cases

Senior partner Edwin Poole has a nervous breakdown in front of everybody. Denny Crane has now to face the loss of a friend in the office. Meanwhile, Alan Shore finds a new enemy in Brad Chase, who is not only the ex of Sally, but also makes him work on a case of a little girl, who wants to play “Annie” in a musical production. Lori is taking care of Ernie Dell, who wants his marriage to be annulled, because he thinks his wife cheats on him. Sally and Brad work on a case concerning a divorced couple and their kids.
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Professor Earl Maltz tells you how to brief a case.
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Lawyer Video Marketing for Attorneys by Law Firm Video Solutions

Lawyer Video Marketing and Attorney Videos by Law Firm Video Solutions.

Law Firm Video Solutions offers an unparalleled approach to lawyer video marketing – we empower attorneys to create video content on topics and issues that will inform and educate their prospective clients.

Meet Tom. Tom is a personal injury attorney. He spent thousands of dollars hiring a video production company to shoot a “me focused” style lawyer video. In his video he talks about how experienced he is and how much he cares about his clients. The problem? Tom is frustrated because his “I centered” video isn’t making his phone ring. Wrong strategy! Meet Lisa. Lisa is an immigration lawyer. She spent top dollar hiring a web design company to get a brand new website. The problem? Lisa’s law firm website doesn’t appear on Google search results. Now Lisa has to spend a truck load of money hiring a search engine optimization company with no guarantees that she will get any results. Bad investment! Does Tom and Lisa story sound familiar? Meet Rob. Rob is an attorney who generates high quality client leads on the internet with video. How does Rob do it? Introducing video marketing services for law firms by law firm video solutions. Rob gets his video marketing campaign strategically planned based on the types of legal cases he wants to generate. Prior to his video shoot, Rob learns hot legal topics consumers are searching for on the internet. This allows him to deliver relevant content that compels his potential clients to take action. During the video shoot, Rob provides valuable information to his clients by answering their most common and pressing legal questions. This inspires confidence and builds trust. After his video shoot, Rob sits back while his videos are professionally edited and packaged for distribution with his law firm brand. Rob gets his legal marketing videos properly optimized for search engine results and syndicated through relevant high page ranking websites. This allows Rob’s videos to be in front of the right buyers. Rob also embeds his videos on his webpages to enhance user experience and connection. Utilizing strategically planned video content, Law Firm Video Solutions empowers Rob to generate high quality client leads on the internet. Web videos give Rob the best return on investment on his marketing dollars. As opposed to traditional advertising, his videos will work for him generating new client leads for his business on an ongoing basis. Go to http://www.lawfirmvideosolutions.com to learn more how we can help law firms and attorneys like you to generate more client leads on the web. Law Firm Video Solutions. Transform your legal content marketing with video.
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Legal Questions : What Is a Corporate Lawyer?

A corporate lawyer is simply someone who specializes in corporate laws, and lawyers who work for small corporations may draft wills and be a part of divorce proceedings. Find out how corporate lawyers are involved in all areas of law with help from a certified family mediator in this free video on corporate lawyers.

Expert: Robert Todd
Bio: Robert Todd is the managing partner and president of Robert M. Todd, P.A. and Family Law Solutions.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz
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Injured At Workplace? Hire A Workers Compensation Lawyer In Louisville

Louisville, located on the Ohio River in north- central Kentucky is the largest city in the state and Jefferson’s county seat.

Need For a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Louisville

The state has flourished in business and tourism. Employment rate is high. There are also many cases of workers and employers getting injured at their workplace. This fuels the need for a workers’ compensation lawyer. Finding workers compensation lawyer in Louisville is not a difficult task.

Cases Fought By the Lawyer

Workers compensation lawyer in Louisville will take up worker injury cases along with other cases like medical malpractice, violation of consumer rights and product liability. They provide with skilled personalized legal representation for affected workers. Their law firms have experience at all levels of the legal system from trial courts to appellate stages.

Job of the Lawyer

As defined by the workers compensation act, the main purpose of a workers compensation lawyer is to ensure the affected employee gets quick and definite compensation. They should also provide the employee with an effective remedy in case of an injury or death at the workplace.

How the Lawyer Helps the Employee

Workers compensation lawyer in Louisville will guide the injured employee in taking the appropriate steps after the injury. The employee can speak to the lawyer as soon as he meets with an untowardly incident. To protect the rights of the employee, the lawyer will ask him/her toll fill certain forms correctly in order to claim for the compensation. The lawyer will also advise the employee to choose a doctor of their choice and not go the one suggested by the employer or the insurance company.

Free Consultation

Workers compensation lawyer in Louisville offer free consultations in most of the cases. The employee can speak to the lawyer as much as required and then the lawyer will decide whether the employee can benefit from his services or not.

The workers compensation lawyer can also arrange for alternate jobs to the injured employee in case the injury is too severe and prevents the employee from joining his previous work.

Contact workers comp attorney Louisville for your rights protection. Log on to the website Cooperandfriedman.com for more information.

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Car Accident Cases In New York – Part 1: Personally Injury Generally

Generally, if you are injured by the negligent conduct of another person or entity (such as a corporation), you have the right to sue that person or entity to recover your losses commonly referred as your damages. Of course, you will have to be able to prove that the other person or entity owed you a duty of care; that they were negligent in exercising their duty of care; and that as a result, you suffered damages. An injured party incurs two types of losses; economic losses and non-economic losses.
Economic losses include, but are not limited to, medical expenses, transportation and damaged or destroyed property. Non-economic losses are pain and suffering. Determining economic losses is fairly straight forward. Economic losses are determined by calculating the total expenses. In other words, the total sum of the injured party’s medical bills less any insurance payments, lost wages less any income such as unemployment or disability payments and any other non-economic losses.
Non-economic losses means pain and suffering and similar non-monetary damages. While there are set rules or guidelines assigning specific monetary damages for specific types of injuries, damages for pain and suffering must be reasonably related to the extent of the pain and suffering. The amount of damages (money) recovered by an injured party will be determined either by settlement between the parties or, if a settlement cannot be agreed upon, by a jury.
However, in New York State, personal injury cases arising from motor vehicle accidents is governed by the Motor Vehicle Reparations Act commonly referred to as the “No Fault Law.” The No Fault Law actually makes recovery for economic damages (medical expense, lost wages, etc.) much easier because an injured party may recover up to ,000.00 for economic damages regardless of fault. However, the No-Fault Law actually makes it more difficult for an injured party to recover for pain and suffering by limiting recovery for pain and suffering to those injured parties who have suffered what is referred to as a serious injury. In other words, if you are injured in a car accident and suffer injuries, even significant injuries, you may seek damages (monetary compensation) for those injuries unless they meet the serious injury threshold.
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Car Accident Claims - Frequently Asked Questions - Virginia Personal Injury Cases BGL119

http://www.benglasslaw.com Virginia personal injury attorney Ben Glass answers the most frequently asked questions about car accident cases. Should I talk to the adjuster; should I sign the forms, who will pay the bills
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How to Give a Deposition in a Personal Injury Case: by Florida Trial Lawyer Matt Powell

How to Give a Deposition in a Personal Injury Case: by Florida Trial Lawyer Matt Powell


A deposition is a statement taken of a party or a witness ,under oath, in front of a court reporter. Any statements made, may be used in court. It is one of the most important tools that lawyers use to gather evidence and information about a case. As a trial lawyer, almost everyone of my clients who is involved in litigation will be required to give a deposition. And in most cases, I will depose the person who we contend is at fault for causing damages or injuries to my client.

Here is some basic information about a deposition. In the deposition, there will be a court reporter whose job is to take down every single word that is said in the deposition. Sometimes the deposition will also be videotaped by a videographer.

My client will be asked a long series of multiple questions by the attorney representing the opposing party. In some cases, there may be more than one attorney, and each will have their turn to ask questions. The testimony will be taken down by the court reporter who will type it up and print it out in a booklet type form.

To help you prepare for your deposition, here are a few things I always tell my clients. Rule number one, tell the truth. This is the most basic rule and should never be taken lightly.

Additionally, here are four steps that are also important to understand. First you should always LISTEN to the question being asked to you very carefully and then Secondly, PAUSE. . . . PAUSE before you answer. The reason you want to pause is, one, you want to make sure that the attorney is through asking the question, two, it gives yourself an opportunity to make sure you understand the question, and three, it gives your attorney an opportunity to make an objection if one should be made. So do not answer the question too quickly and pause before you answer. After following these first two steps, then you can go on and number Three, ANSWER JUST THAT QUESTION. Then number Four: STOP TALKING. Often times, this is the most difficult part of the deposition because people want to explain all sorts of things in their answer, when quite often, an explanation is not requested or needed. If an explanation is needed, typically the attorney will ask for it or, at the end of the deposition, YOUR attorney may ask you to explain something further.
Also, if you do not understand a question, or it seems complex or compound with lots of parts, please ask the attorney to rephrase the question. The reason for this is that when your testimony is typed up into a booklet, the question will be very clear and your answer will be very clear. So if you did not fully understand the question and you guessed, then your answer may not be as accurate as you meant it to be.

Remember, you should take your time and you are not to be rushed. As a witness, you can set the pace of the deposition by listening to the question carefully, pausing, and then answering the question when YOU are ready. Also, you are allowed to take breaks if and when you need them. A deposition is not an endurance test.

Typically most depositions come in three phases. Phase one will be about your life BEFORE the accident or event that caused your injury. You will be asked all types of background questions like, tell me all the places where you worked, where you lived, where you went to school, all about your prior medical history, as well as who are all the doctors that you have seen in the past. If you’ve ever been convicted of a crime, been arrested, been in drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Or have you ever been divorced, used an alias name, filed tax returns for the past five years, or lied on an employment application.

You will certainly be asked you if you have ever made any other claims for personal injury or worker’s compensation. They will ask you to list all other prior injuries or hospitalizations. They may ask if you have ever been a victim of domestic violence, or if you have ever sued or been sued. They will ask you to explain how you selected the doctors that you have seen for this case. They may also ask if you have gone on any vacations or trips since the accident. In this background phase of your deposition, try to answer the questions without much elaboration. Keep it simple and straight forward.

Phase two of the deposition is typically about the FACTS of the accident or the event that caused your injury. In some cases, such as a rear-end motor vehicle crash, the facts of how the accident happened may speak for themselves. You really won’t have much to explain since you were facing forward looking out the windshield and you never saw the car that hit you before the impact. In this situation, your answers will be short and simple. However, in other cases that are more complex and the issue of liability is contested or in dispute, your version of how the accident happened may be critical to protecting your claim.

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Attorney Ben Glass discusses the formula for settling a personal injury case. Is it “twice medical bills” or is it “four times medical bills?”

For more information go to: http://www.BenGlassLaw.com